Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Introducing our New Boat Prop Finder & a Sneak Peak at New Prop Offerings

You probably already know that SavvyBoater offers a wide selection of stainless steel boat propellers from Solas Propellers, and you might know that we have exceptional prices and free shipping on all Solas stainless propellers.  But did you know we just launched our new boat prop finder to make it even easier for you to pick the perfect boat prop?

With only 3 quick clicks, you'll find a selection of props designed for your outboard motor or sterndrive.  Quickly sort through your options based on number of blades, pitch and rotation, it could hardly be easier.

Along with our new finder, we're also expanding our offering to include Mercury's QuickSilver line of propellers for selected Mercury outboards and sterndrives.  Whether you're looking for the prop, the removable hub kit or both, we'll have a good selection at very competive prices.  These new props should start coming on line this week.

If you're looking for a PowerTech Prop, give us a call at 866-560-1330.  We've been a PowerTech dealer for several years, and will be going beyond special orders to add this line to our finder in the near future.  Powertech props are forged in North America and finished in the PowerTech facility in Lousiana.  Their attention to detail and deep offerings have made them popular with boaters looking for high-pitch performance propellers.  

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Specials at Savvyboater.com

Cyber Monday savings On Great Boating Gifts
Looking for a Christmas gift for the boater in your life? We've got some great gift ideas on sale now, but you don't have to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to take advantage of these deals. All deals are valid anytime - day or night - from now through Tuesday, November 30th. And don't worry, there's no lengthy lines or 4 a.m. wake up call here.

Easy Stocking Stuffers
Special Nautical Gifts

Have questions? Need assistance finding something? We're always happy to help. Just give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and we'll help you find the perfect gift for the boater or fisherman in your life.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday weekend from the crew at SavvyBoater.com

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Friday, November 19, 2010

New Cover Options for Bigger Boats

boat cover on cruiser with a radar arch
At SavvyBoater, we help- a lot of boaters find the perfect boat cover.  Periodically we get calls from folks with sport or cabin cruisers in the 25-30 foot range, looking for a boat cover.  In many cases the boat is equipped with a radar arch.  Although we work with 3 of the top brands on the market, we haven't had options for these larger boats.  Carver Industries recently came out with a unique new line of boat covers designed specifically for cruisers with radar arches

The covers accommodate a 120" beam and lengths from 24' to 30'.  Each cover has a 100" long slot with hook and loop (think Velcro) closure that will accommodate a radar arch and a bimini top.  The design will handle bow rails up to 30" and a cut-out in the bow accommodates an anchor roller.  Rope ratchets are included to tighten the rope in the cover's hem for a snug fit. 

If you're looking for a cover for your cabin cruiser, visit our boat covers page or give us a call at 866-560-1330, we're happy to help you explore your options.

We also offer a number of other products that will help you outfit our cabin cruiser including Polyform fenders and stainless steel rail mount fender baskets.  We offer a selection of anchor windlasses by Quick and Maxwell, and a wide range of stainless steel ladders.  We also offer the Solas and PowerTech lines of propellers to fit most outdrive applications.

Carver Industries new boat cover accomodates radar arches, part numbers 86224P, 86225P, 86226P, 86227P, 86228P, 86229P, 86230P adn 86231P
The new boat cover line for cruisers 24' - 30' with radar arches by Carver Industries

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sustainable Boating - Solar Powered Boat Turanor is traveling around the world

I recently ran across the PlanetSolar project to sail the boat Turanor around the world.  51 days into the voyage they have crossed the Atlantic, leaving from Monaco and are currently in the Caribbean near the island of St. Maarten.  The expedition crossed the Atlantic in 25 days. 

The Turanor is a 31 meter catamaran with a 23 meter beam including the solar "flaps"  weighing 95 tons, she carries 537 square meters of solar panel that offer 18.8% efficiency.  It's a pretty amazing undertaking, circumnavigating the world on solar power, stopping in major ports along the way to spread the word on solar power and sustainable options.  Their two major stopovers in the US will be in Miami and San Francisco.

You can check out the project at  http://www.planetsolar.org/index.en.php.  The site offers a lot of information, some great pictures, videos and interactive tracking applications.  It's well done and worth a visit.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Savvy Boater is now on Facebook. We'd love it if you'd like us!

Savvy Boater is now on Facebook. We'd love it if you'd like us!
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Fighting Mold and Mildew on Stored Boats

Most boat owners have had to deal with condensation and the subsequent mold and mildew that can quickly grow in damp conditions. Put your cover on your boat when the carpet is damp and you’ll trap in moisture. When the air under the cover cools at night, the moisture precipitates out and makes the perfect habitat for molds.

The first line of defense is to have a good boat cover made of a breathable, marine grade polyester or acrylic. Breathable fabrics will allow water vapor to escape through the cover. Some covers come with built in venting, or aftermarket vented support poles can be added. These provide an additional way for warm moist air to escape from under the cover.

The second line of defense is to install a boat air dryer or dehumidifier. These products are designed to reduce humidity in an enclosed area and work on a couple of different principles.

Chemical Boat Dehumidifiers

Chemical dehumidifiers come in a couple different forms, including disposable tub and packets, and reusable silica gel cartridges. Chemical air dryers are popular because:
  • They don’t require electrical power to operate
  • They are not particularly temperature sensitive
  • They are fairly inexpensive.
Their limitations include:
  • The need to monitor and replace or recharge regularly
  • Each unit generally handles a smaller space
Starbright No Damp DehumidifierTubs of calcium chloride or similar chemicals are sold under a variety of brand names. They are fairly inexpensive, but they have to be emptied and have a limited life span before they are thrown away. The potential for mess is there as the water can be spilled or overflow and may be somewhat caustic. In addition, care must be take to keep it located where pets and wildlife won’t be exposed or tempted to take a drink of collected moisture. See the No Damp Dehumidifier

Eva-Dry reuseable Silica gel boat dehumidifierSilica gel based options like the Eva-Dry use silica gel enclosed in a protective casing. (Think of the little “Do Not Eat” packets in your vitamins or other moisture sensitive products.) Silica gel absorbs water, transforming the crystals from a hard grain like consistency to a glob of clear heavy gel. Silica gel can be dried back out and used again. The Eva-Dry De-humidifiers tell you when the gel is saturated. You can then take unit to a well ventilated place, plug it in and dry out the crystals in about a day. Once dry, it is ready to be re-installed and go back to work. The Eva-dry Dehumidifiers will last up to 10 years and the gel is enclosed where it doesn’t pose a threat to animals or furniture.

Electric Boat Air Dryers

Davis Air Dryer by Davis Marine
Electric Boat Air dryers are special low wattage heaters designed to gently raise the temperature in an enclosed space and reduce the humidity. Because they are heating the air, they are effective through the temperate and coastal parts of the country where cool, wet winters prevail. They are not effective in extreme cold, or temperatures much above 60 degrees. Electric boat air dryers typically draw about as much power as a light bulb, and while very warm to the touch, the element is protected inside the unit. With no moving parts the units are designed to be safely used for extended periods of time without direct supervision (when properly installed and used) 

These are popular:

  • Where temperatures are between 33 and around 55 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Electric power is available
  • It is inconvenient to access the air dryer on a regular basis
2 of the most popular brands on the market are the Davis Air Dryer and the DryWave Boat Air Dryer by Ironwood Pacific Outdoors,

For more information on Boat Air Dryers and Dehumidifiers, check out our Boat Air Dryer and Dehumidifier Resources at SavvyBoater.com.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thanks Coast Guard!

Coast Guard Helicopter Practicing rescue maneuvers in Astoria, Oregon near Columbia River Bar
Today marks the 220th year of service for the US Coast Guard, and a great time to say thanks for all they do, day in and day out.

President George Washington and the First Congress created the Revenue Cutter Service in 1790.  In 1915 it merged with the US Lifesaving Service and was christened the Coast Guard.  In 1939 the US Lighthouse Service was added and the Steamboat Inspection service in 1946.  In 1967 the service was transferred from the department of treasury to the Department of Transportation, and in 2003 it move to the Department of Homeland Security.

While that outlines a long history intertwined with the growth of our nation; what that doesn't tell you is the daily heroics and around the clock vigilance that marks the Coast Guard's contribution to boaters and mariners in US waters.     I grew up in Newport, Oregon's fishing community where tales of the local commander who only took his cigar out of his mouth if the surf boat was about to roll, were a staple.  We watched from the cliff side while they raced boats across an impossible bar to pluck the crew off a sailboat just before it drifted into the surf and disintegrated.  When a faulty diesel injector turned the exhaust system of our fishing boat into a blast furnace, they saved family and friends that were aboard and helped recover the vessel and on more than one occasion, they have evacuated friends with life threatening injuries.  These are the smaller stories that mean everything in the world to those involved.

Happy 220th Coast Guard, We're glad you're here.