Friday, November 13, 2009

Ice Eater Functionality Extended with Shallow Water Stand

Over the years we've helped a lot of customers find the right de-icer configuration to meet their specific deicing circumstances. One of the toughest to solve has been shallow water situations, whether it is a pond or lake with a shallow slope or a wetland/water interface. The Shallow Water Ice Eater Stand by MallardView now makes it easy to mount your Ice Eater in 18" to 48" of water.

Shallow Water stand for Ice Eater deicersThis metal stand features 4 legs that can be sunk securely into the bottom and adjusted for the depth of the water . The Ice Eater mounts to a bracket in the middle of the frame that allows for the angle to be adjusted from nearly horizontal to nearly vertical.

How can you use a shallow water Ice Eater stand? It was originally designed to open water holes in the ice in flooded fields for waterfowl, but that isn't the sole use. It could be applied to open water in shallow ponds for livestock or wildlife. In one recent application, our customer had a viewing platform at the edge of a marsh. The platform was exposed to the open water of the lake and had sustained ice damage during the past couple winters. Unfortunately the water was only 2' -3' deep which blocked the normal installation of an Ice Eater. With the new shallow water stand, the customer was able to mount the Ice Eater in the shallow water in front of the platform, circulating warmer water from the depths of the lake, back around the dock.

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We've recently expanded our PowerHouse and Kasco Marine offerings to include Pond Aerators, Aerating Fountains and water circulators for year round management of your water quality.

Kasco VFX Aerating Fountain improving water quality on a small lake

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